So Far from Home

DSC_4137I know, Mary, how you must have felt,
So far away from home.
When you gave birth to your Son in a stable,
Because in the inn there was no room.
You must have longed for your home in Nazareth,
So many miles away.

Where there were mid-wives and friends who could help you
On that most eventful day.
But you were staying in Bethlehem,
And there was no one there that you knew
Except Joseph who was there beside you
He was so loyal and true.

As you laid your Babe in a manger
You must have thought of Nazareth town
Where there was a warm, soft bed in your home
Where you could have laid him down.
But Jesus was born in Bethlehem,
Where the prophets said he would be.

To later give His life to save us from our sins
So we could dwell with Him in Eternity.
I know Mary, how you must have felt
For at one time I was all alone.
Ill in a hospital bed in Oregon,
So many miles from home.

But God was with me, as he was with you.
He is always by or side
Bringing peace and comfort to those who trust Him
And in his will forever abide.

So thank you, Mary, for the Son you gave us,
Amidst your sorrow and pain.
Because of Him, the world is a much better place,
And in our hearts He will forever reign.

Nita Louise Voreis

December 24, 1994

Feel free to use the poems found on this blog for non-commercial purposes, provided you give credit to the author, Nita Louise (Leland) Voreis and link back to the page. Please ask before using images.

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