Love, Not Pain

Would I dare to hurt another
In some thoughtless, unkind way,
Or bring sorrow to another’s heart
By what I do or say?
No, let my life be one of love,
Of comfort, not of pain;
Giving hope to those in deep despair
And courage to start all over again.

Louise Voreis, 1982

As much as we try not to, people inevitably hurt one another, which is why the “courage to start all over again” is a life-giving gift from God. My Grandma’s words have been very comforting lately.  This photograph is of a collage I created as I pondered how our hearts are shaped by both love and breaking.

First, I cut  words from one of Jan Richardson’s poems, pasted them on paper and painted a heart shape. I cut the heart into pieces and let it sit for a few weeks. I kept trying to put the heart back together while still showing the fracture. It just didn’t work. Finally, I painted a new, red heart and placed the pieces of the broken heart around it. I added one word, “whole.” This felt right to me: a whole heart which includes all the broken bits, too.

Please feel free to share what you find on this blog. I only ask that you give proper credit to all the words and photographs. Links are especially appreciated. Photo by Christine Voreis Hides, 2015. 

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